Finland Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Finland.
Finland is a land of a thousand lakes and eternal forests, a land of log cabins and Orthodox churches - a midsummer’s dream in the extreme north of Europe.Helsinki, ‘The Daughter of the Baltic’, ‘The Gibraltar of the North’, a dividing line between east and west and a modern and liberal minded metropolis. Founded in 1550 by Swedish king, Gustav Vasa, as a trading centre, in 1812 Tsar Alexander The First made it the capital of the Principality Of Finland. Turku is the oldest city in Finland and is the country’s first capital city from where Finnish culture was born. It is still evocative of the Middle Ages. The sea, a magnificent island landscape and picturesque timber houses are typical of one of the oldest cities in the Gulf Of Bothnia, Uusikaupunki. It was there in 1712 that a peace treaty was signed between Russia and Sweden and this small, quiet town has a long maritime history. Further north is a town of seafarers and traders, Kokkola, of which the old town boasts the largest number of timber built houses in Finland. The cleric, Anders Chydenius, once lived here and laid the foundation of Liberalism, the freedom of both religion and trade. Oulu is the flourishing centre of Northern Finland. Along with its many green areas this city by the sea comes alive during the spring and summer months. Despite the harsh climate, tropical plants are popular in the city. The hilly landscape of the spacious Pallas Ounastunturi National Park is located in the north west, close to the Swedish border. Yellow-green reindeer moss and dense layers of many other varieties grow on the seemingly endless hills of primeval stone and gneiss. The plant life of this region always surprises those who encounter it for the first time. Finland is a country that boasts more lakes than any other. It is full of picturesque, natural beauty, unique cultural treasures and historic locations: a tranquil paradise set in the extreme north.

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