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We arrived in Oslo. The train ride through Norway was beautiful. Let’s go and check into the hostel. We’re in Oslo, one of the most expensive cities in the world. We’re going to start the day by visit the Opera House, and apparently you can walk on top of the roof. We’re on top of the Opera House. I think it’s so cool. The Opera House is right down there. You can walk right on top of the roof and get a great view over Oslo. This must be one of the few opera houses in the world where you’re actually allowed to walk on the roof. I think it’s a really cool idea, and I love the view over here as well. Looking around it looks as though they’ve designed the Opera House to look a bit like an iceberg, which I think really suits Norway, because it’s absolutely freezing today.

We’re at Akershus Fortress. It’s a castle built to protect Oslo. It’s also been used as a prison. It’s really beautiful here, and it’s right in the center of Oslo, so you can walk up the hill and get a great view of the city. Let’s check it out. Could be a beautiful view from here, but of course there’s a cruise ship in the way. We’re down by Aker Brygge, which is down by the harbor. It’s a very popular place for locals to come and hang out. The food here is very expensive though, so we’re going to go somewhere else to find some leisure food. So a great place to get some cheaper food in Oslo is, of course, to go to the supermarket. So we bought some traditional Norwegian—what did we get? Brunost, Brown cheese. I heard about this cheese. Well it tastes pretty interesting. You can have a bite here if you want. Tastes a bit like caramel. It’s not that bad. That’s—I heard about it—nah, that’s wrong. I heard about this cheese before, but—. Have it with some bread. Tastes good that way. Try it with some bread. Tastes better that way. It’s not that bad. It’s really not. It’s because you’re from Sweden. It’s not, it’s not right. Nah, I am not finishing that packet of cheese. That’s so disgusting. Ok well I’ll finish it. I can finish the brunost, and you can have the Norwegian raisin buns ok? And I can finish the caramel cheese for myself. That’s so wrong!

Ok, after lunch, we are now at Vigeland Sculpture Park. It’s a park famous for having 212 bronze statues all representing one theme, human condition. Want to check them out? There’s so many statues depicting so many different emotions, so much nudity. It’s quite overwhelming. I haven’t seen these kind of statues with old people and, you know, sort of—everyone has always been so fit and buff, and the men have been, you know, muscular, and the women have been beautiful and just perfectly shaped, but these are all shapes and sizes. There’s a lot of nudity but you sort of forget that because the emotions are shown so strongly, you know, sorrow and pain. We’ve had a great day in Oslo. Yeah, it’s been fun. Tomorrow, we’re off to Stockholm, Sweden.

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